Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) work in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and health promotion of patients. We diagnose, treat and prevent illness, promote self-help and independence, and improve the quality and well-being of our patients.  Our professional titles are recognised by NHS England, protected by law and are registered and regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

AHPs are collectively the third largest workforce in the NHS and are essential in supporting the delivery of the NHS long term plan in order to transform sustainable healthcare.

The diversity of AHP roles means that almost every patient will interact with an AHP as part of their journey within SFHT. AHPs are invaluable members of the team, contributing to the delivery of outstanding healthcare.  

Occupational Therapists bandaging patient

SFHT AHPs work within the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System to provide a coordinated approach to support the healthcare we deliver as a system. Our AHP faculty develops our workforce to ensure we meet the needs of our local population and the long term plan. Nationally we contribute to various platforms, translating and cascading workforce issues within our organisation, ensuring we are keep up to date with national agendas.

“We are passionate about patient care, working in the interest of our colleagues and developing the role we have in making sure that the AHPs contribution is maximised, recognised and understood. Working alongside our heads of nursing and senior leadership team, we ensure we are working together for our patients, making sure the diverse range of the AHP professions are included in any planning,  decisions, and learning.  We ask ‘What can AHPs do to help?’…. “

Kate Wright (Associate Chief AHP, SFHT)

What our employees say

Sarah Seddon Profile Picture

I love working as part of #TeamSFH because I feel valued and supported by the team around me.  I’ve been encouraged to follow my interests and I know that the work I do makes a real difference for patients which is what it’s all about.


Sarah Seddon

Specialist Clinical Pharmacist: Education & Training

Mitchel Speed profile picture

I have worked at Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation Trust for over 11 Years as a clinical member of staff from our Bank Health Care Assistant onto a Radiology Imaging Assistant. The trust and staff have supported me in each role to help me develop my skills and knowledge to ensure I have given and had the best work experience. In November 2020 I moved on to become a Patient Experience Officer where I was to gain further admin skills and the trust have supported me to change my skills and to better myself through the years and given me my exceptional experience and development.


Mitchel Speed

Patient Experience Officer / LGBT+ Network Vice Chair

Rani John profile picture

I love my job at Sherwood Forest Hospital because I am fortunate to make a living doing something I find challenging and inspiring.

I love solving problems, making people feel better and going home in the evening knowing I may not have changed the world but I made someone’s day brighter. The knowledge and skills I have gathered are being appreciated and respected by staff and patients alike. I have active encouragement from my managers to grow my career in this hospital. This hospital is a great environment for me to be innovative in order to improve vital services.

Rani John

Liver Clinical Nurse Specialist

Scott Slater Profile Picture

My role at SFH gives me the opportunity to work across the entire trust and influence how we provide treatment and care for our patients when they are at their most unwell.

It gives me contact with a lot of people across our workforce and what I love about that is wherever you go in trust people are friendly, helpful and working hard to provide the best for our patients.

Scott Slater

Deputy Resuscitation Services Manager

Deb Dowsing Profile Picture

I’ve only been with the Trust for four months but I can honestly say it’s one of the best places I’ve worked. Everyone I have encountered is friendly and helpful and all staff abide by the Trust values, which is great to see.

I’ve been made to feel so welcome since joining and there are so many benefits to being part of the Trust – they are really big on wellbeing and provide weekly wellbeing sessions, as well as access to a free wellbeing app. I can honestly say I love my job and would recommend joining the Trust to anyone who is considering it.

Deborah Dowsing

Communications Officer

Team SFH Logo

I enjoy my role because I get to work closely with a few different specialities which allows me to get to know the departments/teams in more depth. This allows me to understand what each speciality needs in order to provide the best patient care and how I can contribute to that I.E improving appointment capacity.

Whilst working at Sherwood I have always felt a sense of belonging. I work with a supportive and helpful team. Management are always appreciative of the work and always listen to and value our opinion on how we believe things can be improved, as well as being supportive and encouraging when we want to progress with our careers within the trust.

Chloe Lowbridge

Outpatient Booking Officer

Team SFH Logo

I recently started working at Case Notes Store and I work with some fantastic people, all working together as a great team. So many great opportunities here at SFH.

Samuel Tizzard

Case Notes / Admissions Clerk

Team SFH Logo

I have worked within the trust for 3 years, started off as a domestic. After 2 years the role of housekeeper became available and was encouraged to apply. The role of housekeeping is brilliant for me as no two days are the same, it gives me a good work/home life balance. All members of staff I have come across whilst working on the ward have been supportive in getting me settled into my role.

The job is also good if you enjoy staying active and organised as it requires a lot of moving, lifting and cleaning. Keeping on top of daily tasks and ensuring the ward is a clean and safe environment for both staff and patients.

I would say one of the best parts of my role would be the interaction you get with patients and their relatives. From greeting them at the door to seeing their smiling faces as they leave after being discharged.

Louise Websdale

Ward 32 Housekeeper

Rebekah Thompson profile picture

I love that I work for a team that shares the same CARE values as me.  I feel very supported emotionally by my peers and managers.


Rebekah Thompson

Recruitment Assistant

Lauren Brown Profile Picture

I joined Sherwood forest Hospitals in 2014 and will be here for many more years to come.

SFH is an inclusive and transformational trust with exciting career development opportunities. During my time at this organisation, I have been encouraged to strive for excellence and been given the support and guidance to enable this.

Providing ‘outstanding care’ to patients and their families is a privilege and we are fortunate enough to be provided with the right resources to achieve this.

SFH is a well-led organisation, recognising the potential of every employee. We have a positive culture and overall, it’s a very friendly and welcoming environment.

Lauren Brown

Ward 12 Sister

Team SFH Logo

I enjoy how much we come together and work as a team at SFH. You can always rely on your team to keep you in good spirits and help you out.

Alice Kettlewell

Recruitment Assistant

Team SFH Logo

I first worked here as a new registrar in 1999 and was touched then by the warmth of the NHS team here and the bond between hospital and community.  I was appointed paediatric consultant here in 2005 and have grown my career and service since. 

This blend of being encouraged to grow best practice in a ‘down to earth’ friendly environment has for me been an inspiring combination.  It has proved a great foundation from which to link into regional, national and international clinical and academic opportunities.


Dr Colin Dunkley

Consultant Paediatrician

Shana McCullagh profile picture

I think that working at SFH is such a positive experience. The atmosphere is friendly and vibrant, everyone talks to everyone. I look forward to coming to work each day and I am so happy to say I have been working here for almost 5 years.


Shana McCullagh

Recruitment Officer

Joy Barton profile picture

I enjoy my role as an Emergency Care Support Worker because each day is different. I meet lots of different people both staff and patients. Being able to have a conversational seeing it lift their mood is very rewarding, makes me feel proud of what I do. 

Working for SFH has enabled me to gain new skills, knowledge and gain higher education qualifications. Everyone is friendly, supportive and caring, who go above and beyond their duties working collectively as a team.  

Joy Barton

Emergency Care Support Worker


I am impressed with the team spirit and overwhelming support for staff health and wellbeing.


NHS Staff Survey 2020

Claire Fletcher

I like working at Sherwood because we have a very open culture, open to ideas and innovation.

Claire Fletcher

Project Manager


When looking for jobs I ask where is the best place to work and which hospital will give the most support. Sherwood has certainly fulfilled both of these criteria.


NHS Staff Survey 2020